Monday, 12 March 2012

Olivia Dewi Dimakamkan di san diego hill

Beautiful model and former Cover Girl 2011, Olivia Goddess will be buried today at the funeral of a luxury San Diego Hills. Olivia was buried with a Catholicprocession.

"It will be buried at 08.00 am in San Diego Hills," said Dewi, a representative ofthe Dharmais Hospital.

It is said Goddess, Goddess Olivia burying grounds Monday morning as a special request from his extended family. "They are asking buried Monday, that's all the information," said Dewi.

Olivia Dewi died in a car accident in front of the building plots Sentana 7, JalanSudirman, Central Jakarta, Saturday morning, March 10, 2012.

Nissan branded cars Juke B 60 GOH Olivia driven flames after crashing into a pole sign on Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta. Olivia died on the spot, while semobilnyafriend, Joy Sebastian, suffered severe burns.

When evacuated, Olivia was found still in the seat of the wheel. His body was not crushed, as usually happens in cases of car accidents in general.

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Pol. Rikwanto said Oliviacould not be saved because he snagged a seat belt. "Motorists are not savedbecause the seats are still stuck in the seat belt caught. Until two fire trucksarrived, the car can only be extinguished," said Rikwanto.


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